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Paper Quilling Filigree Painting Kit Blue Whale

Paper Quilling Filigree Painting Kit Blue Whale

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Blue Whale Quilling Paper Paintings, Creative Wall Art Décor, DIY Quilling Paper Crafts, Filigree Paintings, Gifts for Children, Kids & Adults..

Type: Paper Quilling Painting
Product material: Paper quilling straps, EVA pattern board
Painting Size:40*50cm (20*16inch)

Basic Kits:
Painting kit *1: EVA pattern board*1, Paper strips*2set, and Instructions
Tools kit *1: Glue applicator*1, Tweezers*1, Awls*1, Scissors*1

Extra Kits:
Painting kit *2: EVA pattern board*2, Paper strips*3set, and Instructions
Tools kit *1: Glue applicator*1, Tweezers*1, Awls*1, Scissors*1,

1. Unique Charm - The Paper Filigree Painting(Paint by Numbers) has both the color expression ability of painting and the spatial visual effect of sculpture. Its artistic expression is not weaker than any other art form.
2. Exquisite Design - The exquisite pattern attracts craftsmen to eagerly try, and the ingenious design itself shows the inherent artistic flavor of paper art to the fullest.
3. EVA Pattern Board - Our designers get the best line patterns through repeated research on the effects of light and shadow. Based on the demand for Eco-Friendly, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and highly elastic materials, we tried thousands of materials and found EVA finally, the best material! Through laser precision cutting, we have made our professional EVA pattern board.
4. Simple Operation - The EVA pattern board of Paint by Numbers is a slot design, you only need to insert the paper strip into the slot according to different colors, and a stunning work will appear in front of your eyes.
5. Charming Decorations - When you make this Paper Filigree Painting(Paint by Numbers) into a finished product, its unique artistic atmosphere can become your wall art and home decorations, giving your home decoration a new look.
6. High-quality Paper Strips - The Paper Filigree Painting strips are made of high-quality Dandy paper,1 cm wide, with a stronger sense of three-dimensionality, good maneuverability, and beautiful colors, which better express the style of the work.
7. Complete Tool Kit
8. The package contains EVA pattern board, Paper strips, White glue, Glue applicator, Tweezers, Awls, Scissors, and Instructions. Let’s be creative with the easy and professional paper filigree painting Kit.

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