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Paint By Numbers Scandinavian Style Woman & Newspaper M, L, XL Size with DIY or Ready Frame

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Relax, de-stress, and create a masterpiece with Paint By Numbers! Our Scandinavian style woman & newspaper designs will turn any space into a gallery, with the perfect combination of color and mood. Our M, L, XL size kits come with DIY or ready frames that make it easy for anyone to hang their own unique artwork. Get creative and add a personal touch to your home – Paint By Numbers makes it easy!

Type: Paint by Numbers
• 1x numbered acrylic-based paint set
• 1x pre-printed numbered high-quality canvas
• 1x set of 3 paint brushes (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large)
• 1x set of easy-to-follow instructions for use
Skills required:
• Ability to color inside the lines
• Ability to color outside of the lines
1. FANTASTIC BONDING ACTIVITY - Spend a night in with family or friends to create your own beautiful piece of art to share.
2. DIY HOME DECORATION - Create your own wall art, even with zero artistic ability. That empty wall could do with some art anyway, right?
3. A PERFECT GIFT - This makes for a thoughtful gift that is hard not to enjoy, perfect for Mother's day or a birthday.
4. RELAX - Take your mind off anxieties of the day. Skip high-cost therapy, and use paint by numbers to ease your tensions. Breakthrough research shows that creative activities like coloring and painting can reduce stress.
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Clair Kutch

Nice packaging. I can’t wait to start to paint. It is fun and I will get a bigger size after this. Recommend!