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3D Metal Puzzle Scarlet Macaw DIY Model with Acrylic Stand and Gift Box Kit

3D Metal Puzzle Scarlet Macaw DIY Model with Acrylic Stand and Gift Box Kit

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The Scarlet Macaw 3D metal puzzle model kit lets you construct a DIY 3D model of the beautiful and majestic Scarlet Macaw, right in your own home. These pieces are laser-cut from sheet metal and assemble together like a jigsaw to form an immensely satisfying three-dimensional structure that you can proudly display anywhere.

  • Laser-Cut Sheet Metal Construction: Every piece of our 3D puzzles is laser-cut from sheet metal for precise edges and intricate details.
  • Easy Assembly: Pieces come numbered with assembly instructions so even beginners find it easy to assemble the model together.


  • Display anywhere: Once fully assembled, this detailed 3D model is sure to turn heads wherever you choose to put it on display.
  • Enjoyable experience: Assembling one of our puzzles creates a rewarding and enjoyable experience that can be cheered on by family and friends alike!
  • It's fun for all ages!


Age: 14+ years

Piece: A complete set of 782pc

Material: Stainless steel

Finished Size: 5.12×5.12×2.76 in

Degree of Difficulty: 7 stars

Package Include: 1 x blocks set with instruction


1. Release your work stress and enjoy hours of fun with family and friends while building 3D metal puzzles,which will also encourage your hands-on skills and logical thinking.

2. Compared with traditional wooden models, paper models, and Plastic model, 3D metal models are more worthy of collection.

3. As Perfect Christmas/NewYear/Birthday/Thanksgiving Day present for adults and kids.

4. Assembling tools are recommended, but not included. If you need tools,welcome to buy them in our store.Parts can be easily cut off the sheets. Tweezers or hair clippers are the recommended tool for bending and twisting the connecting tabs. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Yadira Jacobson

Before Ryazan in one month.

Billy O'Reilly

Excellent goods

Lesly Miller

The bird is elegant. There must be some instructional improovements . e.g. the number of assembled feathers , in each wing should be reduced by two (2). The wing Instructions should be reversed. It's much easier to attach oneanother the last 4 wing parts before attaching to the main wing. The connections between wings and body should be streangthened etc.... In other words I recomend it by I would make some design and Instructional improovements. Thank you.

Twila Hartmann

As always, the excellent quality of the set and very fast delivery. The only seller who sends goods in a week, not a half or two months. I do not know how you get it, but thank you so much!

Mohammed Mayert

Wow, aside from the scam of not getting any product, couldn't get any money back despite a dispute and appeal. I just lost my money. No valid tracking number was provided, delivery services can't find the item. At no moment the seller wanted to engage discussion or even tried to solve the situation. Therefore my assumtion that this whole thing is a scam. In case it wasn't obvious enough, I gave 5 negative stars. If the seller is reading this message and want to openly discuss, I'm open to find a solution.