About Us

Finding an artistic hobby can be tough- it often takes up a lot of time and energy. Plus, what if the hobby you choose doesn’t really fit into your lifestyle? That’s why I was so happy to find Creativeplaystore.com- it has everything I need to be creative without having to commit too much time or energy. The selection of products is great, and I can be as relaxed or involved as I want to be.

Paint by numbers is a great way to create art. I enjoyed following a set process to produce beautiful works of art at my leisure. However, the quality of products from companies was poor and their customer service was not up to subpar. Since I couldn’t find the perfect company, I decided to launch my own!

Creativeplaystore.com offers high-quality paint kits and outstanding service to provide you with the experience you desire and the happy place you deserve. With vibrant paints, sturdy brushes, and varnish, our cotton canvases are pre-stretched on wooden frames for your convenience. Once your custom piece is completed, hang it on the wall for all to admire.

Now is the perfect time to create your happy place!