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No idea where to find nice gift for kid, friend or yourself ? Buy creative wooden jigsaw puzzle kit which will be a good company in routine living and will stimulate motor skills, creative thinking.Fun and educational, a range of puzzles offered in the Creative Play store are among the references in terms of early learning toys. Have fun with your children while teaching them new things by offering them wooden puzzles with animals or fairy-tale creatures. 

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is The Best Gift for Adults, Children And Kids

Spend creative and warm moments, keep yourself or your children busy. Everyone will find their happiness among the different themes of creative wooden jigsaw puzzles: landscape, cartoons, cute animals or travel themes. The pieces all have a unique design and make up beautiful and colorful animals: a fox, a wolf or a lion. 

Advantages of wood cut puzzles:

- Wooden, exquisite box, it gives the tone. Inside, there is a bag containing all the pieces and a support.

- Different models around the theme of animals are proposed: the lion, the wolf, the owl, the fox and etc.

- High-quality design: the different animals are very graphic, the colors are well chosen and stand out perfectly

- Pieces: colorful, made of wood, they do not fit together classically. 

- Of course, as with all puzzles, you have to observe. Nevertheless, here, some pieces have the shape of an animal or a plant (e.g.: a bear, a butterfly, a deer, a wolf, a boar, a cat, a tree leaf).

- Calm: animal shaped puzzles is an activity that requires patience and concentration.

Wooden Puzzles For Every Age

Find several collections of puzzles adapted to the age of your children, with a number and size of pieces specially designed for them. From 10 months to 9 years and up, our family game play collection grows with your children.

From our wide selection of visuals, find the best themes and all your kids’ favorite heroes. Whether your little girl or boy is a fan of unicorns, cars or parrots, whether he is in the middle of “farm animals” period, or knows nothing about foxes, you are bound to find the animal puzzles that will please him!

A Relaxing And Learning Activity

Puzzles are a traditional activity for children, from kindergarten to elementary school. This simple and easy to set up game encourages the development of their fine motor skills through the manipulation of the pieces, their sense of observation and their ability to concentrate.

Puzzles For Adults

Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation.

It’s proven: putting together puzzles is good for your brain health! Wooden puzzles for adults are excellent for boosting your cognitive abilities, such as short and long-term memory, the ability to represent in space, visualization or mental rotation.

But the puzzle has also proven to be an ideal ally in the fight against stress! Piece after piece, enjoy this relaxing activity that helps you concentrate, disconnect and let go. Escape the tensions of everyday life, work on your memory and exercise your cognitive abilities: the puzzle is a game with a thousand benefits for your lifestyle!

The Secret Of Premium Quality Puzzle

Our puzzles are printed on a matte finish, anti-glare paper (for the comfort of your eyes) and made in Europe from thick, recycled, FSC-certified cardboard - a non-profit organization that protects, monitors and promotes sustainable forest management.

Home games for adults and kids are made with the highest level of finish and the best assembly experience, both for the environment and for your joy.

Collections For All Tastes

Find a wide range of collections and puzzle images for adults and children in the Creative Play store! For beginners and for experienced board gamers!

Puzzle fans will agree that there is something special about the construction of these animal models. Indeed, unlike traditional puzzles, the assembly pieces are not square. Instead, they represent characters and figurines from your pet’s world, or not. More technical to put together, these mini multicolored characters make the game even more addictive.

For those who love beautiful landscapes, discover the Puzzle Highlights collection and its heart-stopping pictures. Puzzlers looking for a challenge can try the collection, with its fun and original patterns.

Once your puzzle is assembled, dive into a world full of mystery. By scrutinizing the illustration, uncover the clues and put your sense of deduction and logic to the test to find the solution to this fantastic escape game. Perfect gift idea!

Finally, you should know that the wood used is of outstanding quality, the pieces are solid and thick, no risk of breaking! You can assemble them many times without damaging them. The colors are warm, bright and shimmering, which makes it a delightful piece to hang on the wall.

Love it? Choose your own unique shaped animal puzzle pattern!