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Where to find the paper filigree painting at the best price? In the Creative Play Store of course!
With Paper, the material is quite simple, but you can create real jewels of beauty. Look at the works of the quilling masters, there is so much fantasy, grace in them, they are true works of art.


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Quilling Filigree Painting: What is it?

Quilling has a decorative but also an illustrative aspect. Discover a selection of our favorites among all the artistic Quilling Paper Filigree Painting. Paper is an ideal material for creation: it lends itself to all your desires and is not expensive. Quilling is one of the techniques that allows art to express itself in everyday life through advertising visuals, illustrations for magazines, posters for interior design. Notably because this technique of rolled paper strips can make exquisite typography and lettering. We can therefore imagine small decorations for children and large oversized decorations for Wall Art.

What Materials Are Needed For DIY Quilling Paper Crafts?

When creating, we use strips of thick paper, which will keep their shape after twisting by hand, and
glue (PVA is most often recommended). Depending on the product that is made with this technique, additional materials will be needed, such as a thick paper backing if you want to make a beautiful panel. With these strips of quilling paper, practice this simple creative art that looks great! Make hangers (stars, butterflies or hearts), table and wall decorations, and unique gift for kids, children and adults. Get inspired by collections in the Creative Play Store.

Decorations Made With Quilling Filigree Painting

Quilling is the art of creating shapes with strips of paper that are rolled up and then glued to a
support to make many decorative objects, such as wall frames, jewelry boxes for example. With filigree paintings, you can give your creativity and imagination total freedom, with strips of
paper in a thousand and one colors, various shapes and an infinite possibility of decoration.

Decorate your homes all year long with your quilling creations! From spring to winter, you will find home decorations to match any occasion:

- In spring, discover our Quilling sets “Flower”, to dress up storage boxes. Why not?

- In summer, prefer to make butterflies or animals, for photo frames or wall decorations.

- In autumn, birds with yellow and orange colors are reminiscent of tree leaves.

- In winter, prepare all your Christmas decorations in Quilling: stars, little elves and snowflakes,
to embellish your tree, for example.

These techniques can be adapted to all, so no worries: DIY Painting Kits are available for everything you need to create your first made decorations, and after you will create anything you want.

Filigree Quilling Art

Quilling is a decorative creative technique based on paper rolled with a tool. To make creative wall art decor, you will first need colored quilling paper. You can buy them on site. Then you will have to cut your strips to transform them into forms. A paper cutter is ideal for this purpose! Match the colors and cut a lot of them because quilling is greedy on paper. And once you start, you can’t stop!

1. Notice to Quilling fans! You will find in this category all the products and accessories essential for your creations in Quilling. We want you to enjoy it.

2. Discover our range of varied and colored paper strips, our tools and accessories such as combs, glue, templates and complete Quilling kits.

3. Not sure what design you want to make or need some inspiration? Buy our complete Filigree painting for Kids, Children and Adults Sets with templates and explanations. Unbeatable prices for beginners and advanced quilters alike to make new designs.

4. Focus on our new paper strip models and accessories, to become more skilled and try new and more original creations.

5. Decorative paper objects made with the Quilling technique can decorate your home or make a unique, excellent gift idea. Make hanging baskets of all shapes (stars, butterflies or hearts) or unusual table and wall decorations.

Don’t wait any longer! With the Creative Play Store, you are assured of quality products at unbeatable prices.

Order DIY Filigree Painting Kits Online At The Creative Play Store

Quilling is genuinely the Best Gift Idea that looks great. Surprise your friends and family and start your creations now with Creative Play Store, where you will find everything you need:

- Sets of paper strips in all colors

- Stylus, embossing pricking quilling

- Glue

- Paint by numbers

- Templates that will allow you to form circles of equal size

- And many creative sets

Buy all your special Quilling material: tools, quilling paper and support. Discover all the accessories for quilling art to make beautiful creations in paper strips. You can make any project with your kids. This is how little artists become great creators. Create models, make decorations, paint, glue, cut out and enjoy the moment with your children. Here you can order the hobby materials and kits.