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Looking for a gracious gift for kids, children, or adults? With a wooden dollhouse, your daughter or son, friend or relative, will have fun with a pinch of creativity. A gift that is sure to please! In spite of the fact that electronics invades us, there are toys that will never stop making our dream and giving us happiness. The miniature house is one of these timeless toys that enchant generation after generation. 

Thanks to it, your children will have a creative spirit. They will reproduce scenes from their daily family life. For instance, able to clean, dress their miniature dolls, serve them food and tuck them in. Our 3D houses are made of natural wood. All the pieces of the house are pre-cut and ready to be assembled like a puzzle. For wooden toys and for everything that concerns children’s rooms and home decor, you can contact Creative Play Store. Here you can find a comprehensive collection of miniature buildings in different styles. If you order a wooden dollhouse from our store, it will be delivered in a few days.

DIY Miniature Houses (to assemble yourself)

In our catalog, you will find a wide variety of miniature houses to build. For DIY (Do-It-Yourself) enthusiasts, this is the perfect way to spend your time and enjoy your passion. You can even have fun with your miniature puzzle house and practice assembling it without needing a guide.

For those who love creative hobbies, the 3D DIY Miniature Building will take you to a world of ideas and inspirations. You can then let your imagination run wild while keeping a practical side to each room. Indeed, assembling these kits is both entertaining and instructive.

An Original Gift Idea

- The Little House with a puzzle and stickers is an interesting gift idea for your child or small cousin, or nephew. If there are two of them, it’s even better. Your two little ones can then play together and have fun putting all the puzzle pieces;

- This will only strengthen friendship while developing their cognitive skills;

- You can even join the game from time to time to enjoy a wonderful moment of relaxation and happiness as a family;

- Plus, building a miniature house as a family is a great way to gain some architectural information and increase your crafting skills.

How to Choose the Perfect DIY Dollhouse?

1. Look at furniture and accessories 

For more appeal, choose a Miniature House with dollhouse accessories. If the closet doors can open and the beds have real covers, all this makes your space more lively. Every dollhouse accessory is an invitation to play, it will be very useful to bring your small building to life. All scenarios are then possible!

2. Materials

Preferably, a House for Doll should be solid and resistant. Avoid small fragile elements, because they are not resistant over time, especially with small children. Wood is suitable for dollhouse furniture and dollhouse. Indeed, it is more suitable with the natural timelessness of this toy.

3. At what age can you play with a wooden dollhouse?

Our Dollhouse Kit is designed for children from 3 years old. It is recommended to use the house under adult supervision because of the presence of slight elements.

How to Decorate Your Toy House?

With the model homes we sell, you’ll never be too old to play. So, for the decoration of your miniature house, you can choose miniature flower pots. They will give your house an exotic taste. You can also put drawings made by your children. Nice way to bring that touch of originality to a Mini Rooms. With a painting, your house will also be more beautiful. However, take care to choose colors that are not too bright, because your mini-interior could be too flashy. So not too pretty.

The Price

The price of your miniature wooden houses will depend on the type, complexity, and quality of the puzzles. You can also complete the interior of your Toy Building with items sold on our site. You can find out their prices by visiting the site.

Thanks to our miniature houses, you will travel in an incredible world made of wood and share a moment of pure happiness with your family and kids.

DIY Miniature Building - a Durable And Timeless Toy

Creative Play Store offers you its dollhouse collection: wooden, sturdy, with nice accessories, ready to play with! Its special design makes it a real decorative asset in your child’s room. Very different from standard dollhouses with a red roof and wooden walls and very (too) colorful accessories!

The other children, cousins and all your child’s little friends will have a lot of fun playing with a Toy Building. Collective play with a wooden dollhouse is easy, the wooden dollhouse seems to inspire children.

Children’s rooms, accessories and wooden toys make sense when you can see them from all sides and touch them. Come and discover our entire collection of wooden toys: wooden children’s kitchen, wooden garage, wooden dollhouse, wooden mini dressing table... and their accessories!