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Creative Play Store, The Specialist Of Painting by Numbers, Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles And 3D Metal Puzzles

If you like 3D Wooden and Metal Puzzles, the level of detail of our range of wooden puzzles and games will meet your expectations. Discover our catalog organized around 4 major product categories: Jigsaw, creative puzzles, wooden games and 3D puzzles. There are often a multitude of pieces that must be disassembled and reassembled. While «breaking the head» of course to find the solution.

We have tried to think of all types of players by offering a range of educational and learning toys adapted to all levels of players. Amateur of construction and deconstruction, we make our wooden puzzles for you. If you want to solve a fun problem and spend a pleasant moment with your family, you will find what you are looking for in our games section. More interested in building an exceptional work of art? Go to the 3D puzzle section.

Painting By Numbers Kit For Adults, Children And Kids?

In your spare time, you’ve always dreamed of being an artist, but never had the time to learn? Painting by numbers, also known as numbered art, is a simple and enjoyable painting concept. It appeared in the 80’s and was making a comeback. 

Painting by numbers is done with acrylic paint, which has several advantages. It is non-toxic, the colors are easily diluted, dry fairly quickly and are washable with water.

1. Each color has its own number. Fill in the area corresponding to the color and thus make the creation appear little by little. 

2. Once all the boxes are filled, details can be added if you wish, to give more life and relief to the drawing. 

3. They left all that to do is to frame it to display it or give it as a gift. It is an activity that allows you to discover the nuances and the play of colors.

4. The design is printed on neutral linen canvas in numbered areas that need to be filled with the right color paints provided!

Our paint-by-numbers kits will allow you to paint a canvas easily and create a true masterpiece that will impress your loved ones! Paintings by number are also creative and surprising gifts for kids, children and adults.

So, ready to let your creativity shine?

Anti-Stress Art Therapy

Painting by numbers is also art therapy! Indeed, it has been proven that painting by numbers:

- promotes relaxation

- teaches patience and concentration

- improves precision

- develops manual skills

- develops creativity

- calms the heartbeat

With over a hundred painting designs available at, each of our number painting kits includes:

- a neutral numbered linen canvas (unpainted) which will be used as a support to paint

- paint pots of the colors corresponding to the chosen model 

- Set of brushes 

- the hangers

- a small image corresponding to the model purchased.

You can then show your talent and your beautiful paintings to your friends and family!

Miniatures And Dollhouses

You will find on our website everything you need for your Dollhouse Miniature or showcase: furniture, building elements, miniature accessories, characters, decoration, etc.

The dollhouse or character house is a toy that allows the child to imitate mom and dad as at home and to imagine small scenarios of everyday life: making food, putting the children to bed, washing up, walking the animals around the house. Like knight or princess castles, the child uses this toy to create stories but also to imagine everyday scenes, often to do as the adults do.

These miniatures on one or more floors develop fine motor skills. The small or large stories require the movement of characters, miniature furniture, opening doors or shutters ... requiring coordination between the eye and hand. This action allows the child to work on his concentration.

Welcome to a playful world of creativity where the child’s imagination will develop! With miniature objects or figurines, complete and decorate this dollhouse according to your ideas and desires.

Our selection of dollhouses or miniature houses with characters are creative toys. Customers prefer houses that already contain miniature furniture, but there are accessories that can be purchased later, depending on the style. They designed these houses for children from 3 years old, but it is often around 6 or 7 years old.

Fall In Love With Adorable Jigsaw Wooden Puzzles

Dive into the world of Jigsaw Wooden Puzzles. A must-have toy for the awakening of children, the jigsaw puzzles encourage role-playing, imagination and creativity. These toys will help the child become familiar with the environment. Children will spend long moments of fun and wonder playing. Here, we propose an activity that will interest anyone who dreams of trying logical reasoning & thinking puzzles. 

Jigsaw Wooden Puzzles is a stress reliever and promote concentration. For those who like to play with puzzles, we offer puzzle sets, the perfect solution when you want to try your hand at puzzle-solving, but don’t know where to start. We have a large stock of puzzles and models. There is something for every price. We strive to provide the fastest delivery.

Why are Paper Quilling Painting Kits So Creative And Special?

Quilling is an art form that uses rolled paper strips to create decorative patterns. It rolled strips of quilling paper up with a tool to make rolls of paper, more or less large. They then glued together the strips with glue to create flowers, leaves and various ornamental designs. This art is very playful, but also decorative.

In the Creative Play Store, you will find everything you need to practice this activity. Roll up strips of paper to create geometric shapes and make original cards. Quilling is an activity accessible to everyone and does not require much material: a cutter, a cutting board and paper are the essentials to start a project.